Dinner Menu



Fava Bean Soup (GF)

peach wood smoked bacon/ grana padano chive blossoms/ pea shoots/ lemon olive oil   12


Roasted Beets (GF,V)

local micros/ watercress/ chayote

pickled red onion/ prosciutto/ pepitas

smoked ricotta salata

sherry agave vinaigrette     13


Spinach (GF,V)

watermelon radish/ carrots/ almonds

strawberries/ fennel pollen/ labneh

yuzu tarragon vinaigrette    12



shaved grana padano/ parsley croutons/ lemon/ imported spanish anchovy

smoked black pepper/caesar dressing    11



 small plates.


Bison Relleno (GF)

braised short rib/ oaxaca/ cilanto

red chile jus/ cilantro lime crèma   14


Tartare (GF)

chopped filet/ shallots/ salted peppercorns

dijon tonatto/ smoked olives

house made yucca + potato chips

calabrian chile + smoked sea salt    18

*limited quantity


Market Crudo

watermelon radish/ cherry peppers mint cilantro/ smoked shoyu vinaigrette

yucca chips   mp



  cumin salt/ cherry peppers/ golden raisin   caponata/ ‘nduja/ preserved lemon basil aioli  13


Lambert’s Housemade Bread

Choice of: ‘nduja/ white bean puree/ lavender chevre/ tomato bacon jam

golden raisin caponata/ labneh with olive oil

1-  $5      3-  $14     5-  $20





Harris Ranch Petit Filet Mignon (GF)

roasted garlic chive potato mash/ roasted baby carrots

molé demi-glace/ red chile leeks   32


add additional petit filet mignon 22/ butter poached lobster tail 21/ wild shrimp 11



Grimaud Farms Duck Confit (GF)

roasted carrot purée/ shaved asparagus + red lentil salad

grilled scallions/ cherry balsamic demi   32



Regal Crest Farms Chicken Breast (GF)

marinated & roasted/ white bean purée

 roasted cauliflower/ pan jus   29



Herb Crusted Salmon

squid ink linguine/ tomato emulsion

citrus caper crema   35


Catch of the Day – MP


Mushroom Bolognese (V)

house made calabrian chile/ saffron pasta

lemon rosemary crème fraiche/ celery/ pea shoots   26


add petit filet mignon 22/ butter poached lobster tail 21/ wild shrimp 11

grilled chicken breast 9


Executive Chef James Crowther III

Sous Chef Adam Dooling


Our cuisine is distinct, fresh, local, and is lovingly made from scratch. 

 We proudly source locally from cordillera farms, freshies of NM, midori acres, morning star farms, taos honey co,

taos hum and taos teenie greenies.